Roller Blinds

A modern, simple and affordable option.

  • Single or double rollers
  • Sheer, translucent or block-out
  • Chain drive, sprung or motorised
  • Huge range of fabrics
  • Can be used in shaped windows
  • Also available in bottom-up configuration

Roman Blinds

  • Available in purpose-made Roman blind fabrics or with curtain, sheer or translucent fabrics.
  • Roman blinds can be made in sheer, translucent, block-out, or bamboo
  • Front pulley system and chain drive available
  • Romans are always in fashion

Panel Blinds

  • A stylish uncluttered finish to doors and windows.
  • Available in a range of fabrics in sheer, translucent and block-out.
  • Available with side channels for extra light coverage

Vertical Blinds

An affordable, practical way to cover windows and doors. Great range of fabrics with slat widths from 63mm to 127mm.

Venetian Blinds

A great way to control light and privacy while maintaining ventilation.

  • 25mm slimline aluminium Venetians
  • 50mm aluminium venetian
  • We have real wood, basswood which are %100 renewable as well as cedar
  • 50 and 63mm compressed polystyrene – a range of colours at an affordable price ie Peter Meyer habitus and Boronia New York
  • Basswood in 50 and 63mm and in a range of colours
  • Cedar Venetians in 46mm, 60mm, and 84mm and in a range of finishes

Pleated and cellular blinds

  • Stack away very neatly
  • Different sized cells available
  • Cellular – in single or double cell offers great insulation
  • Available in translucent or block-out
  • Top down, bottom up, or top down / bottom up combination available
  • Range of colour options available including easy-rise
  • A very modern fine line blind
  • Available in many different configurations including a vertical option
  • Suitable for skylights
  • Available with side channels for extra light coverage